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TBC Financial Services

Business Consulting 

Initial hour $50.00 & $25.00 for each additional hour.

Business Registration for IRS & Sunbiz

Registration set up for your business with the IRS & Sunbiz

$210 (includes sunbiz fees)


Starting price is $125.00 a month. Price varies depending on frequency and volume  of business.

Tax Reporting Monthly

State of Florida tax reporting monthly. Includes calculations of sales and payment.


File Small Business Tax

File small business taxes with IRS with calculations included.


Without calculations 


File Personal Tax

Personal taxes


File State Tax

State taxes


Payroll Services

Payroll services varies depends on frequency and employees 

set up and initial payroll services 

Starting Price $140.00

File Quarterly Taxes

Report & pay quarterly taxes to IRS

Price: $40.00 

We open the door to education through financial training.  We help prepare tax returns  and assist with  small business accounting. We also offer “Business strategies to success “ which is a guide to help your business go to the next level. 

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